newbie in trouble

April 2, 2006

I guess, once again im trapped in this new passion for trying out new *free* things in the internet. It used to be the php mysql hosting, now its the blog thingy. Well, like all with the free thingy stuffs, you just cant get enough. Almost all of the hosting that i found offered little or no flexibility whatsoever with plugins and ftp accounts. Too much potential on security problem they said. Ah well, like always..

Actually, im quite fond with this blog here in Thats why im writing this anyway. However, Im pretty confused about how the things work in this blog. For one, I cant find the Plugin Administration. Is it there? I mean does this site support plugins? How can I use plugins? At least a calendar, would be useful. Much better if I can have an image gallery.  Multilanguage posting plugin would be nice also. 


One Response to “newbie in trouble”

  1. lovelyloey Says:

    Hi. To answer your questions: I don’t think WordPress supports plugins because it’s supposed to be a really easy-to-use sort of thing for IT idiots. And to add a calendar just go pick the “presentations” with calendars. “Regulus” is a pretty cool one.

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