OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine)

April 2, 2006

What is OGRE? to answer that go this site: OGRE 3D. For brief, OGRE is a Graphical Engine. It can be used to make 3D applications. Although the main use of this is for 3D gaming, it can also be used for research an other experimental issues. Being an Open-Source project, this engine receive a lot of praises amongst the Open Source community.My first experience with OGRE actually because a friend of mine suggested me to look at the source code for OGRE if I want to look at a good 3D engine source. So I searched for Ogre, downloaded it, installed it and experimented with it. Just minor experiments but I can see now that OGRE is plugin-driven engine. Amazing amount of flexibilities and extendability added to the engine support makes this engine so expandable that it can run anywhere, yes even in Linux. And support not only Direct3D, but also OpenGL. Porting this engine only requires you to write the appropriate rendering scheme and platform manager classes which will be compiled to a plugin.

I have to say that Ogre is very interesting for me, and there are still lots of thing for me to find out about Ogre.


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