Slow Sunday

April 2, 2006

Doin nothin here inside my room, I clicked on a webpage, looked a bit, got bored and proceed unto filling yet another URL for a site that I just checked like 3 hours ago. One may wondered, what the hell am I doin. I’d really like to know that too. Oh, the door bell rang… Must be the NHK guy again asking me to pay for the monthly television fee. It just sound so stupid, while no other TV station has the right to put anyone who owns a television set under some sort of fee scheme, NHK has the solely right to do that. Isnt that seems unfair? What a bother, I’m not going to pay. Even my sensei told me that I dont have to pay any. So sorry for the guy though, been here to my place since January every single week I think.

Listening to music, writing blogs, it does kills time doesnt it? Oh no.. my laundry!


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