Refreshed after Two Days Bed-Rest

April 3, 2006

Being sick on friday when I had to go to Tokyo, is not what I had in mind when I first decided to go with the shinkansen. Have to sit on that boring for 4 hours with a flu is in no-way comfortable. If I can just skipped the whole journey by sleeping it wouldnt be that bad, unfortunately it was not a luxury that I can have at that time. Luckily upon arriving at Tokyo and after about 3 bottles of bottled tea, I felt a bit better, just some headache still there at that time. Upon finishing my business there I hurried went back to Hiroshima and had a full 2day bed-rest. Which is a good thing. Today I woke up refreshed and went to office lightly. Finished my job early (actually my superior told me to go home on time), today must be one of not so many days that I had fun with. Of course, there are still some unfinished work at the office but we got plenty of time. 

Hope tommorow will be fun also. 🙂 


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