To Regret

April 3, 2006

A couple of days ago, I chat with a friend of mine via IM. Since its been quite a while since I had a chat with her, we talked a lot. Some just casual things, some about lifes and some about silly things. One of the question that came up was this: “Do you regret dumping your post graduate for work?”. And my answer is “never. I never regret anything in life”. It might sound rather cocky. But that’s not what I mean. Lets face it, human is not without faults. And with every failures do comes regrets. And to say that I never regret alienated me from humanity itself, doesnt it? Here is may opinion about Regret. Can we regret? Yes, but do get by it. Look for another meaning within our failure. With each regret there are things to learn, things to see, things that can teach us how to behave in the future. With each failure, we learn to defend, we learn to handle, we learn to be more mature. There are so many things within a single failures that the meaning of failure itself diminished, and the lessons learned outshines it. In every dark tunnel there is always a light. Face and running to strive toward it is in itself have deeper meaning than to mourn and sorrow in regret. In every failure there is always a turning point. A point that raises us higher than who we are before.

And with so many things that we can learn from failure, is it for us to regret for what happened to us? Not for me. I think it is a grace that I can experience, that I can see it with my own eyes and learn. With every choice comes determination. What have been decided can not be undone anyways, so why do we have to be trapped in the past when there are so many things in the future? So many possibilities, so many adventures, so many good things waiting for us in the end of the tunnel.

With that said, let me share another opinion of mine. I believe that whatever decision that we make, we can never have a wrong decision. What good does it make if we always look back and wandering about “what if that time i chose this..” or that. Nothing’s gonna change anyway. So the best thing for us, in my opinion, is to walk forward and let go of the past. Sure it might be that that chance never fall on us again, sure that it might have brings us more happiness, but it may also bring us more sorrow. But why are we thinking about those things, like I said, nothing is gonna change anyway. So set your eyes forward and walk toward the future.

In conclusion, it is not that I never regret or we should not regret, the important part is how we act toward it. What our attitude and how we handle it? If we can handle it good, I believe you would see that things that we regret are actually also things that we should have thanked for. And thus, ‘to regret’ things eventually will become ‘no regret’.


One Response to “To Regret”

  1. lovelyloey Says:

    As C.S. Lewis wrote in “The Magician’s Nephew”:

    “Or wonder till it drives you mad, what would have followed if you had.”

    Life, and history, has no room for “what-ifs”. 🙂

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