C# doing VB the C-way

April 4, 2006

Downloaded Visual C# 2005 today at the office from Microsoft. Well actually I wanted to make a manga viewer application the fast way. Since I only had VC2005, I thought downloading C# would helped me greatly. It did. Especially for making application with .Net.So, what my impression about C#? If you know basic C++ and have done a bit programming in VB, then you got the basics to use C#. Its that simple. No need for pointers, no need for .Net Reference type, no gcnew, and no delete. All is garbage collected. Everything can done through a simple designer plus one or two lines of control code and some basic logic. Havent tried the more advance features of C#, but since im just buildin a plain simple harmless little application, I dont think theres a need to dwell that deep.

All in all, if you’re doin .Net, go the C# way. It’s less painless for you and highly integrated with .Net. Hell, even Intellisense runs better on C# than in C++.


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