April 5, 2006

I’ve done it. I created a simple manga viewer using C#. Capable of loading .rar without having to extract the files. Using the rar plugin and the wrapper that was provided I find it quite easy to just query the file listing and displaying the files one by one using a temporary file.

Well, right now it only supported .rar(s), but it should be pretty easy also to add .zip support. Not bad, considering I’ve only learned c# yesterday. .Net really helped me with the details, basically I’m only designing and linking the components.

ps: believe it or not, this app suppose to be my testing ground on C# over .Net. Thus the project name is ‘cstest’. I only managed to change the binary built file to a more appropriate name, such as ‘punkView’. Evenmore, if you run the app the window name will show ‘Form1’. Hahaha…


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