Akihabara,.. lately

April 8, 2006

So what’s the latest news from Japan’s no.1 electronics district? A new electronic megastore? The latest innovations from Japan’s robotics engineering finally making a debut? A launch of a new next generation gaming console? Monster PC sales? Nope, actually the answer is far from the electronics and computer world. It is the’Maid’.

So here I am, late 40s, single, living alone in a 6-jo room downton in Tokyo. Being just a regular salaryman with low salary, can’t really affort to fool around myself. With not so many friends to hang out with and have troubles in socializing, I soon drowned in the world of virtuality. Watching Anime videos and playing Computer Games, people called me ‘otaku’ but I love it here.  Here in this world being a man who can live together with a dozen girls, I must be the most lucky guy in the whole world. Moreover, these girls calls me ‘Master’… 

Maybe that is what’s inside Japanese ‘otaku’s. But these otakus are the people that support the maids. And not just the maids, but also the cosplay world. So, it come to be a natural move for Akihabara whose famous with electronics to become the birth place for ‘Maid Cafes’. Combining the maid’s cosplay and a cafe into a synergy, creates a different attraction for people who just happened to be strolling around Akihabara to come to the cafe. Of course, compared to ordinary cafe, the pricing might be a little on the high side. But considering the ‘service’ you can get there, it is nothing. 

The maids boom lately made akihabara a famous discussion topic in Japan nowadays. If you come to akihabara today, you’ll see a lots of maids distributing pamphletes for their cafes. I have to admit myself that some of their outfit is fabulous. A full fledged costume fit for competition in my opinion. 

Here’s some link about this phenomena:

If you interested in more photos, just look for the tag: ‘maid’ in Flickr.com


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