Everyone needs a little bit of miracle

April 9, 2006

Lately, I’ve come to like a particular Japanese movie. Starring Mika Nakashima, the movie is about two young girl with the same name but with a completely backwards personality who accidentally binded together in the threads of fate. Yes, the movie title is ‘Nana’ and it was based on the Manga series ‘Nana’. Some people quite surprised when I told them that I liked the movie ‘Nana’. ‘Isn’t that girls film?’. (actually in Japanese they say: shoujou. Which means ‘little girl’. But basically those are mangas whose main audiences are girls). For me, I didn’t give a damn about those kind of things. As long the story is good, well presented and unique, I’ll buy into anything.

A friend of mine told me, that almost girl in Japan know about ‘Nana’. And they generally would agree that Nana is cool and awesome. After watching the movie, I have to agree with them. But my reasons may be completely from them. I liked Nana because the film is well presented. Every emotions, contradictions, tragedy that happened in the film are well thought and artfully presented to deliver the maximum effect on the characters. It strongly emphasize the differences of character of the two Nana’s. And how they support each other. Yes, this story is also about survival.

Backed on great sounds and music, tears and betrayal, and self denials, the story that would otherwise be plump, were perfectly blended in. Another strong point is on the casting. I have to give the director a hand for the casts. Both Nana were perfectly played that the emotions, strong points and weak points of each character can be seen throughout the movie. Although some weird actings plagued Mika Nakashima’s part, but to act that good eventhough she is a singer, is a great accomplishment in my opinion. Plus, Mika Nakashima fits nicely to her part.

So, what is the message of the story? There were quite some, but I really think that the message that the producer trying to send is that ‘Everyone needs a little bit of miracle’. In this case, the opportunity for Nana to see Ren, and the other Nana to finally be able to meet his idol were like a dream come true. From that tiny miracle comes hope for tommorow. And believing that miracle do happens gives us power and motivation to go through another day.


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