Umizaru / Limits of Love

May 17, 2006

Here’s another JMovie that just came out this month in Japan. Danger, as a member of special rescue unit for Senzaki, has become a common thing in his daily life. But not until he failed to save a person in a plane crash accident does he ever feel so guilty that he is ready to ruin his life by breaking up with the only person who love him so dearly. A couple of months later, one of the worst accident ever happened near Tokyo Bay happened. A ferry ship boarded with thousand of peoples crashed with another ship and resulted an irrepairable damage to the ship hull. Within hours the ship have to be emptied before it plunges to the deep ocean. Here Senzaki, accompanied by his trusted friend, again trapped in a difficult and dangerous situation with a rebellious passenger and a pregnant woman. With his past haunting on him he have to make difficult decissions again and again and even forced all the others to take the leap of faith with him. What will happen along the way? Will Senzaki survive? Well you got to watch it for yourself…

While the plot itself is nothing new, however I feel that the Japan’s cinema industry is moving toward a good direction. More and more good quality movies are coming out from Japan in the last couple of years. And watching this movie I am certain that they are not so far from Hollywood produced movies with big budgets and special effects. Starred by mostly young actors, I have to say that this movie emphasized on action, and these actors did pretty well. Another good thing about this movie is that it doesnt lack the feeling that this actually a Japanese Movie. How the movie is taken, how the dramas is threaded, the conflict, and cinematography definitely gives that kind of Japanese feel about this movie. I recommend this movie for people that are interested in Japanese Movie. My Rating: 4/5, Replay Value: 2/5


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