Science or Philosphy?

May 25, 2006

After rewatching the first hour of the Nova: String theory video, I remembered one of the topics there which titled ‘Science or Philosphy’. The problem with String theory is that it works in a very small distance that none of today’s technology can observe the behavior let alone test on it. So, the question is, if it can not be tested, is it science or philosophy?

Living as a programmer, I was also faced with this problem numerous times. Of all the task as a programmer, testing is probably the one single thing that I hate the most. Yet, I know that I have to learn to like it or doomed. My manager often says: ‘You’re an engineer. Computer world is predictable. Its always either 1 or 0. Everything that happened can always be explained and should be explained by logic. And to prove your logic you need to test your code.’ Geezzz,.. I guess he’s right afterall..


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