Da Vinci’s Code

May 28, 2006

Dear all, this is one bullshit movie. Not only that its content is bullish, its so boring that I think I looked at my watch three times during the movie and just want to get it over with. The mysteries are not really interesting and its full of crap that I just cant believe that noone ever notices it before if it is true. I think the movie main attraction is only the confrontation between Chrisitanity and the Da Vinci’s code version of truth. What we should always remember though, is that Da Vinci’s code is FICTION. It has no basic solid facts and most of the theories are built upon assumption. Mistakes upon mistakes were found in the Da Vinci’s code, you can read all about it in Da Vinci’s code Decoded and other books. I will have to gave this movie a 2 out of 5. That means, if you dont watch it, you wont miss a thing.


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