HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

June 1, 2006

I’m on with Blu-Ray. There, I said it. The reason is because I’m a technology maniac and the way I see it in the next generation war format, Blu-Ray provides the best technological components. I like the way the blue laser use its full potential, i like the storage limit, the 8 layer discs and all. This war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray, however have turns to be ugly with Microsoft and Sony tries to battle each other, especially Microsofts aggressive statements. (If HD-DVD are so superior, why the harsh comments?). Sony however tries to look nice by stating that they are ‘open’ for next-gen media format standardization. But of course, knowing the discs and technology itself is different I think it would be pretty hard to achieve harmonization between the two. I personally think that whoever the winner, the consumer should be the one to decide. And any tempering on public opinion, as well as mocking competitors, should not be allowed. Right now most of the assault came from Microsoft, but Sony also have something up in its sleeves by delivering PS3 with Blu-Ray, which is completely legal to me but somehow dissatisfaction were voiced by Microsoft. Whats the problem anyway? Its sony’s product and they are free to ship anything with that product, right? If I were to buy a handphone, do I get to choose the chip module that run that handphone? Do I get to choose the LCD size, the graphic card and the speaker for the set? That’s outrageous right? So why Microsoft is barking? Maybe they realized their inferiority.


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