Byakuyakou(白夜行) ep. 4

June 4, 2006

Well, there goes my debut in the fansubbing world. Yup, about three or four days ago I posted a message of introduction at SARS fansub site just to introduce myself. Well, two or three days ago a staff of SARS contacted me and asked me if I would like to help with the translation. She explains the situations and introduced me with the tools for subtitling. So there I go with the translation.

Last saturday I finished translating ep. 4. Well, there are some verses that I couldn’t translate. But for the rest I think it was fine. For those verses I think other proof-editor and especially amrayu will help to fill it in. Not bad for my first one. So check it out when its released by SARS Fansub.


One Response to “Byakuyakou(白夜行) ep. 4”

  1. thanks Says:

    i didn’t even noticed about the missing verses…
    Can’t wait to see ep.5!!!
    Pretty good translation
    Gambaruyooo ^^
    jya matana

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