Review: Ashita no Kioku

June 4, 2006

I’ve come, I’ve seen, and I’m going to say it… >>!! IT’S A MUST SEE !!<<. Write it in your scheduler, tell your sister, bribe your parents, whatever, You Just-Have-To-See-This-Movie-Right-Away.

Yup, it’s that good. When the movie ends, I’m speechless, frozed to my seat with tears flowing from my eyes (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit). It has a very strong story, it has one of the greatest japan’s actor, it has appropriate special effects, good soundtrack, it has quite a budget. From that I really don’t think that anything can go wrong. Of course one of the thing that really help the film is that the story moves around the main character a lot and that reason alone might help conceal the abbility gap between Watanabe Ken and the others. But that fact also put a lot of burden on Watanabe Ken. And, I have to say that he magnificently succeed in bringing his character alive. You can feel the emotions, and the sorrow. I haven’t seen a strong movie like this for quite a while. And I don’t even be surprised if it makes its appearance in the Oscar.


3 Responses to “Review: Ashita no Kioku”

  1. kaiwa Says:

    I agree, saw this movie on the flight back to the U.S. from Japan.
    Great performances by Wantanabe and the rest of the cast. Sobering and realistic view on Alzheimers.
    In addition, shows a slice of middle class Japanese life that it is not that much different from Americans.

  2. lamxlam Says:

    I watched this movie on the flight back to HK from Japan. I was so happy to have a chance to watch this movie. Ken was doing great in this movie. I can see that he is doing that with his heart and soul.

    Please visit my website, if you want to know more about Ken Watanabe.

  3. Hirakawa Says:

    I just got through watching the movie here in Hawaii! What a thought-provoking story line. I appreciate life even more now and I want to make sure that I love those around me as much as I can now while I am still able to express myself. It is inevitable that we all grow old and face many challenges, but I learned from this movie that we don’t have to do it alone! Let’s support one another in our quest to live. Great performance by all the “actors”. I loved Watanabe-san’s performance, but admired the committment and loyalty portrayed in Emiko’s character. Don’t wait until it’s too late…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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