Review and Rating Hell

July 22, 2006

To Review and Rate something is not an easy thing to do, as what IGN Wii, Matt, found out and wrote in his blog. He complained about how to be objective and to rate right for games. For instance if I now give a game for a platform a 9, if in the future that game actually superseeded by other games, what score should you give? And would that previous score be relevant?

A common problem that are experienced by every reviewers. So is there any solution to overcome this shortcomings? In short, no. The reason is that we can not predict the future. And knowing game programmers they seems to always innovate to elevate quality even within a confined unchangeable specification (like consoles). So, what can we reviewers do? A quick suggestion that I can give is to give ratings with timestamps. That way you can always say ‘well, 3 years ago this game is unrivaled in this platform’. But of course, it could be misleading for readers as well. A better solution might be to provide a standard of testing and as time goes by and new techniques and progress emerged you can update the standard and review against it. E.g: Game A was reviewed 9.0 using standard V.1 and Game B was reviewed 9.0 using standard v.3. Another advantage is that the reviewer can actually rate a game without having to worry about future installment. So, if the reviewer really amazed with a game, maybe he’ll give it a 9-er or even 10 without any worries, knowing that a game like that will only emerged once every three years and three years later a new standard version should already come out also. Of course, one can’t be too careless on reviewing and updating standard every month.



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