Game Console and TV Tuner

March 23, 2007

Actually I just realized this fact. Here’s my situation, I’m living alone and my room isn’t that big. So, with all the stuffs in my room (I take very special care for my lovely PC), I really don’t want to add more stuffs inside. Besides, here in Japan if you own a TV, you’ll have to pay NHK subscription fee every month. (Yes, it’s in the law. Yes, it sucks. No, not everyone obey that law. Actually it’s stated about 30% of Japanese people doesn’t pay for it. And no, you wont go to jail for not paying it). Alright, so I don’t need to watch TV. Wrong! Actually I like movies and music. So I have to find a way to solve my problems while eluding the space and ‘NHK’ problem. I decided on buying a TV Tuner. Yup! I installed it, it worked great. I can watch everything in my PC, plus I got a video recording software, scheduler, and even a tool to burn movies that I recorded to DVDs! WoW! Talking about added values…

All, however, have it’s drawbacks. Recently, I just bought the Wii. And to my excitement I really want to play it immedietly. I plug it at my TV Tuner card, and my 5.1 Stereo System. And power it up. Switched the TV Tuner channel to Video input. And… tada!.. the Wii setup screen showed up. I’m quite delighted at the time. But my happiness was cut short, I soon have problems with the pointers. It just doesn’t respond according to my will. After about 15 minutes brainwrecking on what might have been the cause, I realized the terrible truth. It’s the lag time. Yup, because I’m using a TV Tuner, the device have to decode analog data(usual broadcast) to digital that my PC can show. That’s why there’s a lag time about 1-2 seconds. However, the controller is directly connected to the machine, so such lagtime does not exists. And that’s what causing the problem. Dang!

 I tried to came up a solution, but however I think about it, I came to a conclusion that the solution is…. to buy a real TV. What a bummer… 😦


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