My Hair, Wax and a Hair Dryer

March 27, 2007

What are these things have in common (aside to the fact that they are related to hair and styling)? It is that they don’t work well for me. I just cut my hair last sunday. It’s a nice cut. And I’ve been for the longest time of ages having troubles with my hair.

The problem is that my hair is curly. So, whenever I tried to straighten it to a form, it will just get ruined and they’ll come back to their original positions and form almost instantly. Darn! right? I tried lots of things, but it just didn’t work. And so for a while I’ve given up on what to do with my hair. Last sunday, though, I decided to fix it and went to a hair salon. I asked the hairdresser to do whatever he can to change the look of my hair. So, they said that it might be good if I have my hair straighten, but not too straight (coz I’ll look very funny with Avril Lavigne’s hair) and keeping the hair a bit wavy. Well, that’s that.. the cut is fine. I like it. They stylized me using wax and the result is great. They said that I should dry my hair using a hair dryer and use wax to keep my hair in place (coz of the wavy form and I got some stubborn hairlines). Well, I got those now, the wax and the hair dryer. I dryed my hair everymorning using the hair dryer and I wax and stylized it everymorning. The thing that I noticed is,… that the wax can’t keep my hair style for very long. It seems that my hair have the ulterior power that ultimately defeat the wax into pulp. In other words, the wax didn’t help much. Geezz… maybe I should’ve bought the ‘super ultra hard with fibers wax’ to begin with. So here I am, still having problems with my hair even after paying that much money on the salon, the hair dryer, and the wax. Doh!


One Response to “My Hair, Wax and a Hair Dryer”

  1. zimwer Says:

    heard of rebonding?

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