New Programming Language for Multi Core Development

May 1, 2007

Here’s an article from technology review that reports a new, easier programming language  for developing multicore systems which is currently developed in MIT, The new language is called StreamIt and it promises constructs that makes it easier for developer to create programs for multicore systems. I had only a brief look of it, but it seems that the language is mainly oriented in source-sink construct. After a bit of thought, maybe its more like ‘components’. So you create components and wired them parallely, or serially, and adding some threading options such a round-robin scheduling, fixed-time scheduling, etc, etc. You have to declare the inputs and outputs explicitly, hmmm…. VHSDL style? Anyway, for a first-look it really feels like you’re creating an electronic component. I don’t really know where it will help the development in multicore systems. One of the thing that came to my mind if someone ask me of multicore systems is how to manage the cpu caching. of course, flushing the cache everytime we read/write interthread data or putting volatile on the data so that it doesn’t get cached can be an option, but it wont improve current multicore the development either. and also on how data locking works. honestly, I’m not really excited with this new language mostly because it uses completely different construct (in oppose to generally used language which uses C construct). Another reason is that it the declaration itself is not really straightforward (but maybe that’s because I’m just not used to it).


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