After a long time… Web Development…

August 8, 2007

Geez,.. after I moved to this new company (I’ll talk about that later), I found out that the first week I’ve been here is completely for nothing. Yup, no work, no project, no nothing. Well, not that I’m complaining or what and actually I’m scheduled on a project for a client later at the end of this week. But for me, I could die waiting. That’s me… well anyway… I decided to toy around with Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition for Web Development today. And I just realized (reminded, again) as why I don’t really like web development. It’s all about the thightness of the language. Because HTML (and virtually any web development methods) were mostly contain markups (even with ASP.Net), I got a bit lost now and then. And the debugging tools doesn’t really give you that much of power like when you are doing an application. I found some troubles passing data between pages. And when I finally ‘found’ a way, I was forced to select from 3 distinct flavors of ‘server transferring’, ‘client redirections’, and ‘sessions’. AND, I’m not really sure which one is best. Seems like I have to consult back with Mr. Dino Esposito’s book again. Yes, I have to admit that ASP.NET makes it very easy to do anything. I like the way it works just by combining components and components together. I think I didn’t even have to type a code if I didn’t need more forms. But still the looseness feeling of web development is still bugging me. I guess just have to live and get used with it.


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