Database and SQL

August 9, 2007

web developments and databases… they are inseperable. Database and SQL they’re too inseperable. Been quite a long time since the last I’ve been dealing with these three creeps. I never taken database and SQL seriously before, but now after a stumbling databases difficulty and weird T-SQL syntaxes I think I finally understood the level of difficulty. For one, database is NOT (or have limited capability) extendable. Every tables have to be designed and implemented perfectly the first time. You can’t refactor Database easily, and doing that will break most of your application code (thanks to interfacing with direct SQL Strings). This problem can be circumvented to some degree by using Stored Procedures to interface with the application, and by building DAL layers on your application the effect can be minimized. The next thing that I just found out, is the use of subquerry (correlated query) in T-SQL. Pretty cool feature in my opinion. Still have a lot of work to do (or more precisely, getting used to) with this SQL and Databases stuff.


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