MS Open Office XML standardization stumbles on votes

September 5, 2007

Read here about MS loses votes on fast-track. Well, that’s a bit unfortunate for Microsoft. But, all is not lost and Microsoft still have chances to regain on positive votes and suppress the negative ones. Aside of the OOXML standardization itself and the voting. I actually have more concerns about the comments that is posted on that site by the members. It’s becoming like a trend right now to think of MS=Money. Guess what, every sane company in the world is like that. The goal of a company is to make money. It’s obvious, it’s natural, it’s unavoidable. But, when that fact covers aside the good points… that is something that I just can ignore. Microsoft tries to standardized the Office file format. Isn’t that good? IMO that is terrific! Something that I always wanted. An open, extensible, powerful standard that can be used anywhere regarding of the application. And then someone points out that Microsoft just wants to sell MS Office. Of course! Selling their own product is something that is undeniable for every company. But that’s not the point.  Microsoft realizes something that is very important. During the last years when EU forces Microsoft to open up their specifications and documentations for office documents, Microsoft realizes the need for transparency. And that’s one of the goal that Microsoft is trying to achieve in my opinion. If data transparencies can be achieved then no one will complain about the application (data manipulators) right? So, Microsoft push the standard so that it can achieve this point. This is the thing that I like about the now-Microsoft, is that eventhough they knew that because of the standard their market is vulnerable to competitors, they believe that they will make the best tools to support the standard. That’s a fair competition in my opinion. Compared to Adobe’s PDF standard, Microsoft’s OOXML and XPS standardization process is far more open and transparent I think.

If I were to think Microsoft like I dunno… 10 years ago, the Microsoft today is very different from back then. I also used to hate Microsoft, but the attitude and improvements that they made right now is a clear indication that the company is changing itself. More and more standardizations are coming, more and more improvements and advance technologies are also coming.. IT world right now is so exciting and full of promises and a lot of that comes because Microsoft delivers. Tools, consistent APIs, Accessibility Layers, Standardizations, Breakthroughs, even Experimentals…  The future is just blinding bright and I don’t need some noobs to complain based on unreasonable FUDs.


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