Set Internet = Pain in the a**

September 11, 2007

Recently, I’m trying to sign up and get Internet fixed in my new place. It turned out that it wasn’t really a pleasant thing to do. The reasons, mostly have to do with how the ‘system’ here in Japan (which in my opinion pretty sh**ty). So let me just get this started. Last month, I registered for internet at a local computer store. The registration process itself actually is pretty straight forward. Fill this.. fill that. After the forms have been completed, the store person told me that I should receive a call from the internet provider that I apply to within two weeks. Two weeks passed, nothing came. Pretty upset at that time, so I decided to forget it and sign up with another provider via the Internet. Thankfully, this other provider quickly called me and set everything for me. Unfortunately, I have to wait for about two weeks before they can schedule the installation at my apartment. A couple of days later, a call from the network provider (not the internet provider) came and they asked me if I have asked my apartment owner permission to set up for Internet. Well, I did asked the person that is in charged of the apartment about setting up an internet and I promise that I won’t scratch the building in anyway. So, I told the network provider that I already asked for the person in charge permission and that he said it is okay as long as I don’t leave any marks on the building. A bit uncertain, they said that they’ll set the internet on next next saturday. So I waited. At the appointed date, the technician guy came. I don’t know how he’s going to set up the cables and all so I just let him in. Then he told me, ‘I’m sorry, but actually your apartment already have Internet network installation’. And I just think,… What? Never heard of that. Then he said that he actually the one who set the internet network in this apartment. So, he’s kind of come from another contractor company that does the ground work on network installation. Oh, sweet… why don’t they tell me earlier so that I don’t have to wait for 2 worthless weeks? But which network? Will it be compatible with the internet provider I signed to? That’s something that I worried about. He started to describe the type of network that is installed and to my relieve that it is compatible. What a coincidence. And then he went out and checked on some parts. And then came one of the shocking truth. It seems that the apartment already been using a specific Internet Provider and so I can’t use the internet provider that I want. If I want to use the internet provider that I want, I have to get a separate line. So I asked my apartment manager, which said something like ‘we’ll duplicate lines will be worthless, right?’. What is this? so basically what he’s saying is that use our current setup or dont use internet at all. What happened to democracy? I want the freedom to choose my own provider and internet connections. I mean, I can accept if it has something to do hurting the building, but cmon, choosing an internet provider should be free, right? For those of you who never live in Japan this is some of the examples of how sometimes Japan can be ‘inappropriate’.


6 Responses to “Set Internet = Pain in the a**”

  1. Rana Deep Says:

    never been to japan,but i love japan.why? don’t ask.may be of the technology.and may be of the educational rate which is higher than here.(by the way i am india).But hey,what i will think is that patience is virtue and after all u got the connection.Think of the brighter side= u were able to do something extra for the 2 weeks period which u might not been able to.Don’t be so rude towards japan.I think japan is the appropriate place which i will visit some day or the other.

  2. Andrew Says:

    again, i think you are mistaken me, if you go to my bio, i’m crazy about japan. i wrote ‘japan, japan, japan’ as my interest. i’m not hating japan because of this, i believe that they are trying to do things to the best they could. most japanese think like this. but, the thing is that the system that they use are ancient. i really mean ‘ANCIENT’, even though they have access to technology they still prefer paper. the same thing happens in this case, because the many parties involved in the process and their system is still manually contacting and coordinating between parties it causes delays and uncertainties that is actually not needed at all. btw, i still haven’t got my internet connection. it seems there are some kind of misunderstanding between my apartment manager who provided me with the data that is required for me to register for an IP and the data that is registered with the Network Provider. go figure! its very likely that my apartment manager is wrong but he said that hell have to confirm with the apartment owner first.

  3. fierymech Says:

    I am new to the blogging world,and so to your blog.sorry about being unfamiliar with your blog as i was busy doing something while reading your blog(actually,making my own blog)but anyways-get this,i will start reading ur blog before making any comment.btw,ever been to india !!!

  4. fierymech Says:

    i am the same guy,Rana Deep,its just i have changed my blog right,plz giv comment if u liked my blog name ((FIERYMECH)) HOWS THAT REPLY

  5. Andrew Says:

    thanks. i’ve just added you to my blogroll list. read your first blog. congratz! btw, i tried to post a comment there, but… well i have to fill my email address in order to post comment, so i declined. my email address is to me, kinda personal. sorry. :). just a suggestion, maybe its better if you set it to ‘anyone can post a comment’. from what i’ve experienced here askimet works very well so you wont get any spam and i still yet to see a malicious post in my blog. (well, maybe thats because my blog is not visited so much). cu then.

  6. fierymech Says:

    Appreciate that andrew that you have read my blog and i gladly accept the comment and the idea you provided to me.worked on you may have understood so far what kind of a man i am from my blog.but hey after all i am a computer engineer as well.i have added you in my blogroll list as well.hope to see something more good out of your blog :).keep writing. bye

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