Journey to MCPD

September 19, 2007

Yup, I’m planning on taking the ceritification test. There, I revealed it all to you. My target is to take on the MCPD for Windows Developer. However, after looking at the various kind of parts of it, maybe…. i’ll take them all altogether anyway. My company is paying for me anyway and I can appreciate the certifications here in Japan (especially for those stubborn old fashioned companies who doesn’t believe in new technologies (.Net), young people (eventhough they are *quite* bright – me! being the narcisist that i am – noticed the *quite* there? at least i’m trying to be modest) and doesn’t understand English – at least they’ll understand that MCPD is a Microsoft’s Certifications). I’m actually quite surprised at how many people who have MCPD and MCTS certifications. Look here for the statistics. There aren’t quite so many people actually gotten the ceritifaction.

Maybe because these certifications are rather new. Whatever…, the point is by getting these certifications I can boast to my boss: ‘hey, I’m one of 647 people that have MCPD Windows Developer.. and that’s how your going to pay me? double the big bucks big guy!’ With some luck, I might have it. LOL. Anyway… I’m aiming for the MCPD Windows Developer first then I’m going to branch to Web Applicationand finished with Enterprise Application. I take it will take me about a year or two maybe (especially when looking at the Enterprise requirements). Don’t really know though, however I’m planning on getting the MCPD Win Devin the next 6 month, in fact I’ve gone through half of the 70-536 training kit in just a few days. Yay!

 For those people who wants to know, for MCPD Win Dev, you need these requirements
MCTS Windows Application Certification:
– Passed Test 70-536
– Passed Test 70-526
MCTS Windows Application to MCPD Windows Developer:
– Passed Test 70-548

Go to Microsoft’s Site to learn more


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