blog reorganization..

February 7, 2008

i’ve just changed my blog theme. i thought that the old theme were just too dark. and after surfing through other blogs, i finally noticed that dark blogs are not really that fun to read. so i changed it to this theme, and i think i kinda satsified with this one.

the next time that i noticed is the ‘about’ page. it’s too old, outdated and boring (eventhough pretty much detailed.. a bit too detailed?). anyway, i decided to revamp the page when i got the time. for now i’d just put it ‘under construction’.

next, i found out that i had sooooo much categories that it just not efficient (plus it puts ridiculously long category list on my main page). id have to have all the categories squashed and reassign all my posts again one by one. fortunately, i dont really have that much posts to deal with.

finally, id have to update those links… adding new blog rolls and link of interests will be good.


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