posting in a forum…

February 8, 2008

lately there’s been quite a stir-up in Channel9. the problem is about a newcomer that just entered the forum for a while. well, being a newcomer i know that we shouldnt have expect much of him. but a series of controversial and provocating threads that he started drove most of the community against him. it wasnt really that bad. knowing that most of channel9 members are decent people, i know that it couldnt get seriously bad like what ive seen in other forums. but, this move against him makes the newcomer feels very unwelcome at c9. some of us tried to easen the situation and we tried to give him an understanding on why does it happens and what he did wrong as well as not taking all of it too seriously or literally. but he just cant except it and then vowed not to return to the general forum (and move to the tech-forum) ever again,… by posting a thread saying goodbye.

i didnt really follow his steps after that, but a couple of days later, another thread started by him in the general forum saying goodbye to all the people in the forum emerged. he claimed that the people that harassing him in the general forum has followed him to the tech forum and continue on harassing him there, and that that was it. he had enough and decided to leave c9 for good. i tried to look a bit in the tech forum and couldnt really find the post that offended him, but i guess, hes a very touchy guy. so, i replied to his thread saying that he have to learn to accept that this is how the internet is.

i dont know how this will turns out, the mods are actually pretty angry because the newcomer posted these kind of flame-bait and finally creating threads saying goodbyes (not really a good attitude, right?). but it got me thinking, so how do we suppose to post in a forum…

honestly, back then i think im one of the touchy people like this newcomer. i thought that internet people are just ruthless people that talks what they want without thinking about anyone else. but as time goes, i realize that while some of that claims are true but that they are mostly not motivated by ill intention. its a matter of expressing one self. people expresses themselves in various kind of ways. and posting in a forum is also a form of expressing one self. people who like to posts are people that likes to express themselves in writing. i, am one of those people. and i realize that when i want to express something id really like to have all the freedom of expressing one thought, one feeling in a series of letters. this, might led to a very expressive message sent to other people. while it is not harmless to the mind of the writer, some people sometimes took these sentences to heart and sometimes it stabs them in their heart. this is really an unfortunate thing because i expect that most of people doesnt really mean it like that. but what can be said, it is the nature of words. the posts that the writer wrote are what makes them what they are. i also noticed some people realize this tendency and chose not to post if its not important. some people, tried to strict themselves by reading and re-reading and editing their posts again and again (im one of these kind of people). but most of the people just doesnt care about what they wrote. ‘fire and forget’ types.

i agree that manner does have it place in the internet. to be curtious and accepting to others is a very good attitude. however, in the internet we dont meet face to face. we stared at a screen with a bunch of letters on them. we tried to visualize what kind of person the poster is. we hope that the poster will be avery nice person, but when the post offended us we tend to imagine the poster as the devil himself. if what is said in a post can be conveyed as like talking directly face-to-face, like a friend to a friend, then maybe we wont be so sensitive towards words. alas, words are the only clue we have. i know the general concencuss is to remind everyone to be more polite, and receiving and curtious toward others in the internet. but you and me know that that is the ideal world we are talking about. in reality, there is nothing we can do, and not much people really care to do. afterall, internet is freedom. and to have an artist not to paint permanently, you’ll have to cut his arms. this is the internet, and it is not as sweet as you might thought. learn to accept, and deal with it.


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