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September 30, 2006

Yay! Today I took the whole day watching movies at the cinema. Started at around 11, watched 3 movies in a row, ends around 7. After that I think my eyes are so tired that just seeing something bright causes them to hurt a bit. But, then I have to watch this special drama and tonights korean drama. And before that, I have to write this blog (which I haven’t updated for quite somewhile.. sorry for that). SO, I hope people who read this knows my struggle just to write an entry today. :p

First, I watched ‘The Lake House’. A long awaited movie from Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. And to my relief the movie was quite good. The usual love story with some twists. Next come the newest release in Japanese Movie, ‘Nada Sou Sou’… what’s that? You said you heard that phrase before? Yup, it’s the title of a classic japanese song. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. A story about a brother and sister who have no blood relationships. Met when their parents married when they were little, they have been together ever since. After their father walked away a short while later, their mother becomes ill. At the end of her life, he asked the older brother to always protect his little sister. The story revolves around this brother and sister. Quite a touching story with interesting up and downs. The last movie is ‘Sugar & Spice’. A love story for teenager/young adult. Mild content and some humor. Starring Sawajiri Erika, one of the newest actress in Japan. Being well presented, while the story might be standard, but it follows the classical Japanese Drama recipe closely. Overall it’s a good movie for people (read: couples) who doesnt mind the mild content.

I’ll write some review about some of these movies later on when I have the time. cheers!



August 16, 2006

I like music. I always knew that. But, I never thought I’m a maniac. Not until I end up buying 3 CDs in 2 days…

Anyway, I just bought Angela Aki’s Home, Every Little Thing’s Crispy Park (with the DVD bonus), and YUI’s From Me To You. Yes, I like them all, and I’m very satisfied with the songs. Especially since tommorow I’ll be going on vacation to osaka, nara and kyoto, I could just rip the songs and put it into my iPod and they’d accompany me along the road… ahhhh… what a pleasure.

I’m especially impressed by Angela Aki’s songs. Wow, they are great. It’s a must have. YUI’s also have her own style of music. Simple, but beautiful songs might be her greatest weapon. While ELT, being the veteran yet produces ELT like songs which are of course unique and very entertaining. Overall, it was a good buy.

More news on my vacation after I got back… that is saturday. See ya!

Yup, that’s my debut. I’m pretty happy because someone visit my blog and compliment my translation though I must say that there are some spots in that translation. But, I’m sure amrayu and the others managed to fill those ‘blanks/untranslated’ ones. Cheers to them!

I’m still with Sore wa ep.3 right now. It’s already around 60% completed , so I hope at least at the end of the week I’d be able to finished it.

Well, there goes my debut in the fansubbing world. Yup, about three or four days ago I posted a message of introduction at SARS fansub site just to introduce myself. Well, two or three days ago a staff of SARS contacted me and asked me if I would like to help with the translation. She explains the situations and introduced me with the tools for subtitling. So there I go with the translation.

Last saturday I finished translating ep. 4. Well, there are some verses that I couldn’t translate. But for the rest I think it was fine. For those verses I think other proof-editor and especially amrayu will help to fill it in. Not bad for my first one. So check it out when its released by SARS Fansub.

I’ve come, I’ve seen, and I’m going to say it… >>!! IT’S A MUST SEE !!<<. Write it in your scheduler, tell your sister, bribe your parents, whatever, You Just-Have-To-See-This-Movie-Right-Away.

Yup, it’s that good. When the movie ends, I’m speechless, frozed to my seat with tears flowing from my eyes (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit). It has a very strong story, it has one of the greatest japan’s actor, it has appropriate special effects, good soundtrack, it has quite a budget. From that I really don’t think that anything can go wrong. Of course one of the thing that really help the film is that the story moves around the main character a lot and that reason alone might help conceal the abbility gap between Watanabe Ken and the others. But that fact also put a lot of burden on Watanabe Ken. And, I have to say that he magnificently succeed in bringing his character alive. You can feel the emotions, and the sorrow. I haven’t seen a strong movie like this for quite a while. And I don’t even be surprised if it makes its appearance in the Oscar.

Da Vinci’s Code

May 28, 2006

Dear all, this is one bullshit movie. Not only that its content is bullish, its so boring that I think I looked at my watch three times during the movie and just want to get it over with. The mysteries are not really interesting and its full of crap that I just cant believe that noone ever notices it before if it is true. I think the movie main attraction is only the confrontation between Chrisitanity and the Da Vinci’s code version of truth. What we should always remember though, is that Da Vinci’s code is FICTION. It has no basic solid facts and most of the theories are built upon assumption. Mistakes upon mistakes were found in the Da Vinci’s code, you can read all about it in Da Vinci’s code Decoded and other books. I will have to gave this movie a 2 out of 5. That means, if you dont watch it, you wont miss a thing.









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